Quantum Writing

Writing born of a passion for telling the story of science.

Quantum Writing offers two decades of experience turning highly technical concepts and words into energetic, engaging, everyday language and stories. Reach your target audience with a powerful mix of science and storytelling.

The worlds of science and writing are often seen as distinct realms—science the domain of reason and fact, writing associated with creativity and fiction. However, I believe they are deeply, mutually supportive domains.

Science infuses writing with ideas, suspense, and tantalizing details. Science is a great source of stories with all the elements of high drama—colourful characters, life or death decisions, and intense competition and teamwork. The wonderful connections science uncovers are fuel for a poetic mind.

Storytelling is science’s portal to the broader society.

It paves the way for public understanding and debate. Popular science writing plays a crucial role in integrating the scientific process and its players into society at large. Similarly, the telling of scientific stories is a powerful feedback mechanism for the scientific community. Science journal articles that result in popular press coverage receive a much higher rate of reference in future scientific papers.

I believe there is great social value in sharing science stories, and I look forward to working with you to tell your organization’s stories.

Bringing client's science stories to the world.  

Quantum Writing works with leading research-based organizations in Canada and the United States to share their science stories with the world.

Jacob Berkowitz is "a master storyteller with a rare talent for turning lifeless and daunting technical information into an engaging, animated narrative..."